A Restful Night’s Sleep is Essential to Good Health

Woman sleepingIf you’re concerned about sleep problems, you could be one of millions of Americans with sleep apnea or another sleep disorder. Left untreated, sleep disorders can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack or fatigue-related accidents.

At, the Richland Sleep Disorders Center, we treat people with sleep and breathing disorders. Our clinic was the first sleep medicine facility in the Tri-Cities to be fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in 1995. With our depth of experience and advanced technology, we offer a record of success in helping patients get the sleep they need for improved health and vitality. We accept most health insurance plans. HOME SLEEP TESTING NOW AVAILABLE!

Dr. Hamner greeting patient

Dr. Pat Hamner

“Many people come into the Richland Sleep Disorders Center at the encouragement of family members or friends who were themselves treated at our center and impressed with the results.”